Monday, November 8, 2010

A change

So I don't know really where to go with this...if I am going to be active, I need a theme, something to keep me interested. I could stay national and international but I am seriously considering bringing this blog all the way down to the local level. Discussing door to door politics in my very community and the surrounding area. It wouldn't be that hard, really, and as far as I know there are no blogs that do this for our area.

Issues of a grand scale will always be of interest too, as they affect how we live and vote.

If I were to wait for an answer in my comments section I would never make the change, so I am making an executive decision. I am going to start wide and bring it in slowly so as not to freak out friends and neighbors.

Wow, so I headed over to the Daily Local News to look for something to write about and found a little blog area. I wonder if I should do that instead.

Then, I think to myself that maybe I am a little ADD 'cause I can't figure out how exactly to go about this; I also won't fail if I don't start, right? Back to the lackofnews.

There we go, and my font changed, sorry about that, still learning the new blog-spot stuff, I'll soon go back to writing in MS Word. I wonder why Mr. Rendell vetoed that bill, on his way out. The people wanted it, the politicians wanted it, and still he vetoed it. Let's look a little deeper, shall we?
It is the 'foundations' that lobbied for the change, for the tax break, and maybe, just maybe, some of those foundations could use that break, but the law did not require the tax break to be passed along to a charter school that rented a building that the charter foundation owned. It seems that "fast" Eddie Rendell noticed a scam when he saw it! Good for him, and good for us.

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