Saturday, November 6, 2010


I have to come back, too much going on. Had a conversation with a young Democrat today who claimed that the parents of Marco Rubio were illegal aliens in order to justify giving amnesty to the 12 million here right now. Fact is, his parents were asylum seekers allowed to enter the country under an order from President Eisenhower. The Nikki Haley slur regarding her parentage was ignored...why is it that when in a debate, Democrats go after race, lineage, and perceived intelligence, all while calling those they disagree with racist?

The tea party nut in Delaware lost, maybe now a right/moderate can run rather than a left-leaning republican. Sure, it will be 6 years, but it is only 6 years.

Here in PA we did the normal swap for Governor, and we have an actual Republican Senator again, it's been quite some time, well, since Santorum was run out of town by a right leaning least on some social issues.

The Fed is killing the economy, why did President Bush appoint a left leaning chair? oh, that's right, President Bush was a spender, trying to be loved by everyone, and it has hurt us all.

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