Sunday, August 8, 2010

Politics suck

I am getting tired, tired of reading about politics, tired of seeing relatively intelligent people reduced to talking points and knee-jerk reactions to situations. Do people not realize that two people marrying in California is not going to affect your marriage in Pennsylvania? Or, all the police officers in Arizona are not racists that will immediately ignore the prohibition against profiling and go right to profiling.
Perhaps not everyone that attends a tea-party rally is racist, and not everyone that attends an anti-war rally is not an America hating communist.
The labels are insane too, liberal, progressive, conservative, neo this and soc that; it is tiresome
Then you find yourself on a blog, reading, commenting, and not realizing that the whole place is an echo chamber where dissenting views are frowned upon. They are out there, and the topics covered run the gamut from science to politics to religion to child rearing.
It sometimes is a good idea to back away, to read contrary opinions, and to determine what is important in life.
Commenting on blogs, not so important, really. Staying true to who you are, living your life as best as you can, now that is important.

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