Monday, June 28, 2010

What follows is our team in words. You'll notice 20 lines, each line representing a team member. Please, do not spend too much time figuring out who is who, and don't ask 'cause the 'key' is gone. Many of the descriptions could fit anyone of us, or, all of us. The last line is our link to MUMC, God, who has blessed us in so many ways over the last 6 days and will continue to bless us.

A Team
Quietly persevering,
Steady and true;
Wildly engaging,
Devoted and new;
Fresh, yet accepting,
Sharing the thrill;
Depth not surprising,
Finding the will.
Working to please,
All heart and bright smiles;
Changing with ease,
Collected, in colorful style.
Much more than one sees,
Honestly reaching;
Worldly by degrees,
Chortling and teaching.
Pensive and true,
From out of the blue,
Always answers the call,
Embracing us All.
I will leave you today with just one of the amazing ideas presented yesterday when we heard the Gospel in Spanish:
"Cuando Dios Invite, Dios Paga." Please excuse the spelling if I made a mistake, I think even those who have never heard Spanish can get that one:
"When God Invites, God pays."
I know I have been paid, more times that I can count over the last week.

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