Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cross posts...in a way

I can not post pictures, the darn card will not work on the only computer we brought, so, if you want pictures go here:
http://mumcmexicoteam.blogspot.com/. Today was another incredible day, so much work accomplished and an unexpected trip to the beach for 5 minutes. The water is beautiful, blue and bluer, the sand is bright white, but, full of those things that cut feet and toes. Interestingly enough, bottle caps and cigarrette butts everywhere. We ate once again at the Portales de Cancun, 4th night, and D. and I shared an appetizer (Nachos with Pastor), and a large plate of tacos with every meat the place makes...Chicken, Pork, Steak, and tenderloin. The pico is almost as good as mine, the green salsa is wicked hot and the ground habenaro salsa is deadly, mix the three together and heaven on earth has been located!
LAst night we walked to the 'flea market', what an interesting experience. No price is real, the shop keepers start at 50 bucks, or maybe 500 pesos, and you walk out the door with the item for 25 American dollars.
Back to the states on Thursday, might get a chance to post again before then,

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