Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 4....

Day 2 was better than day 1, with tons of sand and gravel pulled up and all the block set in between the beams. I was able to make the end cuts, felt like I was useful for the day. Saturday was our Xcaret day and we caught the remnants of tropical storm ALex, rained most of the day. It is a beautiful place just the same. Hung out with the dolphins and the manatees and the bats and the fish and the tortugas. GOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL...sorry, Mexico just scored the first goal. Okay, we left Xcaret early and hung out, two of the youth and I had an experience buying jerseys for the game today, trusted a shopkeeper and it paid off! Today was great, the service was 2 hours but very uplifitng, the Gospel in Spanish is the Gospel in english. If the visiting Pastor had had a pad of paper I would have thought I was listening to Uncle Reg! Recuerdo: Cuando Dios invita, Dios paga.

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Jamese said...

I'm so glad that you were able to have a good time yesterday! I'm equally glad that you called last night. I almost didn't answer because it came up a 999 unavailable number on the ID. It helped me to hear your voice. Two minutes was short but I'm grateful for it :)

The service for y'all this morning sounded wonderful by your account and Jackie's. I'm praying for you every night. I miss you more than you can know but am happy for you and Dalton haing this experience.

Logan and I are having good mom/son time together. We played a card game with Lisa and Josh last we saw Toy Story 3 and had Habachi for lunch. I love you and Dalton! Tell everyone hello and that they are in my prayers. Bye for now!