Sunday, December 28, 2008

So ya like multiculturalism?

I have argued for years that it is wrong to change this country from a melting pot to a salad bowl. The immigrants to a melting pot assimilate, they become Americans while the immigrants in a salad bowl society never assimilate, keeping their own national identities and norms. This is insane and will be the main reason this wonderful country is beginning to fail. Take slavery for instance. Slavery is alive and well in most of Africa, the middle east, and some developing countries here in the west (think Mexico). Now, as we have allowed the leftists to take over and force us to accept multiculturalism, we are beginning to see slavery right here in the United States again, only this time, if we say anything about it we are bigoted racists.
The African kids are not the only ones though, in larger cities we see former soviet bloc girls forced to work in the sex trades, not just in their own countries, but right here in the U.S.
Every town where there is a large contingent of illegal Mexicans there is also a house full of young girls forced to service those immigrants.
This is wrong, this needs to stop, and the left needs to end the hypocrisy that is multiculturalism.

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