Sunday, December 28, 2008


There is the usual bluster and bull-crap from the usual sources over the ongoing Israeli strikes in Gaza. These strikes were and are in direct response to the constant rocket attacks from the area. I would imagine that if there were constant rocket attacks from an area of Mexico or Canada the United States would act to stop those attacks. Normally, the world ignores everything Hamas does or says (unless it says truce, which is actually Hudna), but, there is a glimmer of hope in an Arab News article.

Ihsanoglu said he would soon call for a meeting of the OIC executive committee
to discuss the situation in Gaza and urged the international community to take
urgent action “to end Israeli violations and protect the Palestinian


While most shared their condemnation, some felt the Hamas should be blamed as
well. “Hamas should be ashamed,” said one Saudi who didn’t want his name
published. “There is no good reason for provoking the Israeli strikes on Gaza.
Their arrogance didn’t solve anything; it only made it worse for the people who
had been hit.”

It is statements like these that hint at a growing exasperation with the Palestinian attacks on Israel as well as a possible understanding that Terrorism hurts the cause of Islam.

One can hope.

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