Tuesday, December 16, 2008

School Choice?

In the state of Illinois, the Chicago school district ranks 778 out of 842 districts in the state. SO it only stands to reason that the man who is responsible for those failing schools is now going to be in charge of the eduction department of the Obama administration.
Now, I re-read my constitution the other day and found not one word regarding the federal governments involvement in the education of our children, that is the duty of the individual localities, I won't even give it to the states. We all benefit from an educated society, it is worth the expense, however, it is not the duty of the federal government. I understand that when localities extend the begging hand along comes the regulations, but it is getting disgusting. How can our next President justify appointing the head of a failing district?

Oh, and just for the record, when will the hypocrites that are democrat politicians start to send their kids to these failing schools? No, they send their offspring to the schools that they deny the rest of us by fighting the school voucher program. (I am against any federal money going to schools, be they public or private, vouchers should be local.)

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