Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tammy says it best

This ad should be seen by everyone, but John McCain and Newt Gingrich do not agree. Where are the real republicans? There are unanswered questions, and if we do not push the issue, no one will, surely not the media...

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CharlieDelta said...
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CharlieDelta said...

I wonder how much was paid for the Presidential seat? We all know who was involved but as you said, the media will never report it. Too many questions, too much corruption, not enough answers and absolutely no accountability.

Both sides of the aisle. It makes me sick what my forefathers fought for to have us be in this state of govermental anarchy right now. When are The People going to be heard, and heard beyond noise ordinances?

I hope you're armed Stonemason. I pray I don't see it in my time, but this is all coming to a head way too fast.

Stonemason said...

we do have weapons, and I have one of those 'essential' jobs (the stone thing became a hobby a while ago), so we should weather most anything. For me, there is more than a blog too, I am vocal in local politics, as well as local news outlets.
The truth will slip through, maybe not soon enough for us, but our kids will see it, and their kids might fix it.
It all depends on how soon the hand-outs run out and those that live off of them show their true nature.