Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Religion of ????

BAGHDAD: Iraqis and other Arabs erupted in glee yesterday at the shoe attack on US President George W. Bush. Far from a joke, many in the Middle East saw the act by an Iraqi journalist as heroic, expressing the deep, personal contempt many feel for the American leader they blame for years of bloodshed, chaos and the suffering of civilians.

So the members of the religion of pieces are happy that one of their own insulted the very leader that gave them the right to publicly insult leaders? That is funny, really, they are just like the leftists here in America. One of the things I have always felt is that there should be no flag burning amendment, let the idiots prove in public how stupid they are, burning the symbol of the only country that allows them to do so.
I guarantee that not one of those journalists that are now cheering would have tossed a shoe at Saddam, and none of them would throw one at Amadinajad or even one of the Saudi princes. Think about that for a minute or two.

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