Thursday, December 18, 2008

I may have been wrong

In a comment below, I linked the reporter that Mr. Obama cut off to was the entire editorial staff of the Chicago Tribune blago wanted fired...
A criminal complaint filed in federal court outlines wiretapped conversations between Blagojevich and his chief of staff—who also was arrested Tuesday—in which the governor said he wanted the Tribune to fire its editorial board, which has called for the Illinois House to explore impeaching the governor. In one wiretapped comment in the complaint, Blagojevich is quoted as saying the Tribune's owner should be told to "fire those [expletive]."

Of course if the journalist in question was part of that staff, I was right, but I am too lazy to do the extra research, and a tad busy researching tractor parts as well. Oh, that and 12 hour shifts, if anyone has a link to a union contract with a 12 hour shift in it, please feel free to send it along.

Update: the name of the reporter is the same as an editor on the Tribune staff, John McCormick, however it is not the same person.

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