Friday, December 19, 2008

A great read

While I was at the library the other day I picked up, among other things, Michael Crichton's State of Fear, It was a great book, sometimes overloaded with characters, but that is how Crichton writes. If you want to buy it, go here, no this is not an ad for Amazon, I just have never had a problem buying used books from any of the sellers linked. Or, grab it from your local library, READ this book.
It is fiction, to a point, just like most of his works, he cites actual studies, he researches very well, and comes to some startling conclusions.
While not fully denouncing AGW (Anthropological Global Warming or Anthropogenic Global Warming), Crichton does call out the hysteria for what it is, NOT based on science. He does this in a manner that is not only easy to understand but fun to read.
Seriously, go find this book, take the time to read it, very interesting.

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