Friday, December 19, 2008

cognitive dissonance

The title of this post is Cognitive Dissonance (CD), which is a term describing the insanity of holding two conflicting truths in ones own mind; or something to that effect. This is something we have seen over and over from the left, the biggest one being the right to kill a late term baby Vs. the non-right to kill a cop-killer. There is another example though that might just be coming to an end soon, and that would b a good thing for our country.
First, we have the group Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism, or QUIT. They tend to carry signs at many left wing protest marches, proudly supporting a group of people who want them gone, if not DEAD.
So, the practice of CD on display.
Well, now we have a leftist leader, we have leftists in control of both houses of Congress, and we have the UN issuing a Gay Rights Declaration, which the US has not signed. Oh, neither have 60 other countries, most of them Arab, and all of them from the pool of 77 countries where homosexuality is illegal. I am hoping this wakes up the queers to the fact that America is not the oppressive place they claim it is, and that our actions in backwards societies such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and even the territories called Palestine, further the cause of the LGBT community.
Okay, I threw-up a little in my mouth when I wrote that last sentence, but in the essence of equality and fairness I had to. (Do not take the word marriage from us boring hetero's please, there, my right wing is showing.)

Really though, most of us on the right just want to live our lives in the greatest nation that has ever graced the planet, we don't care what two (or more) adults do in privacy with consent, we don't march to deny any one rights, we do not discriminate, and we want everyone, regardless of protected status, on our side in the Global War on Terror.
That being said, there is no room in my army for the racists that seem to be climbing out of the woodwork in Europe in response to the ant-jihad movement, those types I surely do not want.

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