Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Congress and the White House inched toward a financial rescue of the Big Three auto makers, negotiating legislation that would give the U.S. government a substantial ownership stake in the industry and a central role in its restructuring.

So call me silly, but is there any out there that the federal government does better than the private sector? No, the answer is NO. Now our wonderful congress people want to add the auto-makers to the banks in this insane scheme to nationalize everything. This is insane, nuts, COMUNISTIC. When will the rest of the Country wake up? Serisoulsy, when? I know, over 50% voted for this type of government, but that was over 50% of registered voters, not over 50% of the adult population. When will the apathetic realize that the apathy they cling to is going to be the destruction of this great nation?
Idiocy it is, sheer idiocy. The economy is crashing, sure, but that is our own damn faults and we should all pay for it. That is the way the world works, that is the way nature works. Grow up people, take responsibility to your actions, lose when it is time to lose, win when it is time to win and accept both with heads held high. STOP looking to be held up by others, they should be taking care of them selves and so should you.

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