Monday, December 8, 2008


So now the recycling business is going to pot with the rest of the economy. I find this rather humorous to be quite honest. It costs money to collect all that stuff, then it costs money to sort it, then, to actually use it costs even more, not only in terms of money but in energy and waste. Is it a bad thing that we throw away so much? Sure it is, but it is ‘cheaper’ that way, not only in economic terms but in ecologic terms. Even the returnable bottles are a drain on the ecology with the extra washing required.
Recycling is a ‘feel good’ boondoggle foisted upon us by the eco-commies, and I am happy that the companies that have been getting rich on my trash are now struggling. I am not happy that employees are being laid off, that part sucks, but the fact that maybe, just maybe, recycling will go the way of the dodo bird makes me smile

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