Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"The workers who are asking for the benefits and payments that they have earned, I think they're absolutely right and understand that what's happening to them is reflective of what's happening across this economy," Obama said.

Two different stories on the same issue, the workers that have taken over a window factory. Neither story has any quotes from the business owners and no caveat that says the business owners refused to comment. This tells me the business owners have commented and those comments do not fit the meme the media, Jesse Jackson and Senator Obama want pushed.

"They're for loans and credit to businesses just like Republic," he said Monday while visiting the plant site. "We have been sending billions of dollars to banks like Bank of America and the reason we have sent them the money is to tell them that they had to loan this money out to companies just like Republic so that we can keep these companies in business and not lose these jobs here in the United States."

Quite possibly the most inane thing I have read about the whole buy-out mess. NO, banks are not to loan my money to failing businesses, they are not to loan my money to bad risk clients and they are not to make any sub-prime mortgages with my money. Why is it so hard to understand that a large part of the mess we are in is the unsecured loans that banks were making. I know, it did not stop there, but it started there. Now the government is trying, once again, to force banks to make bad loans.

Oh, and those benefits the workers are demanding, instead of looking for new jobs, are severance pay and vacation pay. I would have sympathy for them if they wanted back pay, but they are asking for money they did not work for…this is nuts.

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