Friday, December 19, 2008

I am Embarrassed

I have to put the whole embarrassing article in the blog, I have to. The reality of what is happening has to get out, even if it is on a small blog like mine. I am a Union worker, a steward actually, hoping to reform the union from within. Our union was swallowed by a bigger union, and now we are royally screwed...yeah, I used foul language, read on to find out why:

Mike Fishman Honored for Immigration Work
Mike Fishman, President of 32BJ (right) with Rubén Beltrán, Mexico´s General Consul in New York (left)
Mike Fishman, President of 32BJ, was recently honored by the Mexican organization Asociación Tepeyac for the union's work and commitment to the defense of immigrant workers' rights.
At the ceremony, Fishman offered words of support for all of the hardworking undocumented workers living in the US. "We should find a way to deal with immigration that doesn't include building walls between countries," said Mike Fishman. "And the twelve million immigrants, who are here without proper documentation, should be able to have a path to citizenship."
Other awardees included Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan, Ambassador of Mexico to the US, Albor Ruiz, Columnist for the NY Daily News, and Professor Robert Smith from Baruch College.

My union, defending illegal workers, what has happened to unions? It is a fact that illegal workers drive down wages, a freakin' fact. Here we have the head of a union defending this, and defending ILLEGAL activity. This man shouldn't be rewarded, he should be fired.

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