Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hello all (all two of you), it is disclaimer time, time to try to be honest and forthright. I am writing on this blog in an attempt to enlighten people, to get people to think. Sure, I would like everyone to believe what I write here, those that see it, but more importantly, I want people to THINK. It really is as easy as that. I write from a mostly conservative view-point, mostly, but from time to time, I will go on a libertarian rant, or even a relatively socially liberal direction. Don't take this to mean that I am wishy-washy, or, gasp, a flipper, it just means that I THINK about things.

So think people, think about the issues that concern you and your family, and make informed decisions. Do not believe one source, ever, (and NEVER believe Wikipedia) check things out for yourself. Sure, follow the links I provide to back up my opinion, but then go Google things and figure it out on your own.


So now the British sailors are Spies. There some very telling quotes buried in that story, read the whole thing if you have time. It seems that this may have been authorized by Kahmeni, and that the goal is to trade the British for some Iranians the U.S. is holding in Baghdad. Good luck with that!


I may not be an expert on the situation regarding Israel and the palestinian people, but it sure seems to me that the AP has chosen sides. In the first paragraph, thee AP writer refers to "…Islamic militant Hamas group…", then later in the article, almost as an accusation, "…Hamas, branded a terrorist group by the U.S. and European Union,…". This is disgusting, the group has claimed responsibility for hundreds of dead civilians, mostly women and children, mostly by suicide bombers. That is the definition of a terrorists group; and let's not miss the word "branded", it isn't used lightly here, it is meant to make the reader feel that the group was harshly labeled a terrorist group, even painfully so.

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