Sunday, March 25, 2007

COT ???

NASCAR…yeah, that's right, a NASCAR post. I am a closet redneck I guess, I love it. Well, I loved it, and now, more than even in the '70's the sport is changing. There is too much tweaking going on, in my opinion, and this is going to drive me nuts. I loved it when all the cars were different, and you could tell which one of the production cars on the street your favorite driver was using. Now tough, they all look the same, much the same as all F1 cars look the same. Perhaps it would have been okay to keep NASCAR American, and small-time.

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HappyJamese said...

Oh, way too much thinking for me!!! I just want to watch them drive around in circles. Does this sound vaguely familiar, Stonepoet? :laughs:

Much love to you!!