Monday, March 26, 2007


Not that anyone with any common sense at all needed to be reminded of this, but the rich pay more in taxes, and receive less benefits than the poor. Yeah, that's right, rich people pay more, both in hard numbers and in percentages, and the poor benefit the most, in hard numbers and in percentages. I am so tired of the 'tax-cuts-for-the-rich' meme, it is the biggest paper-tiger lie of the left.


Think about this for a minute. Two people pay a water bill, one person uses 5000 gallons, so they pay, hypothetically, $50. Person #2 uses 3000 gallons, and they pay $30. It turns out that the water company has been overcharging by 10%, so they issue rebates. Person 1 gets 5 bucks, person 2 gets 3 bucks, perfectly fair, right? Not in the eyes of a liberal, person 2 should get 5 bucks, and person 1 nothing at all, or maybe person 1 should be paying the water bill for person 2.


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