Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shameless promotion

I am going to have to start really frequenting other blogs so people will come here and then go to J.R. Wagner's site. From there, of course, one will have to continue on to the real website of the soon to be published novel Exiled. From there, one would of course have to hit up his store because all the proceeds go to a really good cause, getting teens to read! Then, don't forget to pre-order the book at Barnes and Noble.

I am going to be featuring quotes from J.R. Wagner over the next 110 days as we approach the publication date. These quotes may or may not have anything to do with writing, and they may actually mean nothing to anyone, but, no one reads here, I am doing this for the Exiled and J.R. Wagner Google searchers. The more mentions J.R. Wagner gets, the better chance those looking for YA lit. will find him!

Random J.R. Wagner quote:
"How do you move these effing things?" When working on a virtual cork-board with me for our serial The Searcher and the Sentinel.

1 comment:

J.R. Wagner said...

it's only shameless if you're promoting yourself!

thanks for putting that very deep quote in there first!