Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lies are fun

"State universities still trying to recover from deep cuts last year would have their public funding slashed even further under a budget plan unveiled Tuesday, leading some institutions to warn of a choice between maintaining buildings and offering academic programs students need to graduate."

So, the only classes that would be cut, if the school chose to maintain a building, is one a student needed to graduate. Not:
340 Folklore in Society (3) Survey of basic American folklore genres. Emphasis on folklore as process, tradition, and as an element of culture

346 Sociology of Gender (3) Analysis and evaluation of sociological research on sex roles. PREREQ: SOC 200.

335 Ethical Issues in Mass Media (3) This course investigates ethical issues in the mass media and shows how newspapers and television, in particular, shape American perceptions of political and economic power and help establish public standards of morality. Special emphasis will be placed on journalistic issues such as freedom of expression, invasion of privacy, censorship, the protection of sources, stereotyping, libel law, objective vs. subjective points of view, and the debate over professional codes of ethics. PREREQ: JRN 225 or equivalent.

LOL on that last one!

308 The Sin of Success (3) An investigation of the rise of democratic capitalism in America from Biblical influences in colonial times to the beginnings of the merchant class and the fall of modern "big business." A study of the entrepreneur and the "robber baron," the success ethic, and morality in the large corporation through history, economics, and literature

The above classes are in the West Chester University Catalog. I submit to my four or five readers that choosing between those courses, and many more, and maintaining a building wouldn't be very hard. That said, perhaps all sports should be cut...save tons of money there.

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