Sunday, January 22, 2012

Time and stuff

There are many reasons for my lack of writing some days and other days, no reasons at all. Today was a day of both. Here it is 9pm and I should be headed to bed but I am typing on the blog, right into the new post window instead of reading chapter 7 of the Searcher and keeping it in the back of my mind while I solidify chapter 8 of the Sentinel side.
Watching a football game I really don't care about out of the corner of my eye (really over the top of the lap top) because I am in one of those moods not to go to bed but not to be creative either.
Books are at work, reading the first Dirk Pitt offering from Clive Cussler and then a book about dogs and then...all while trying to concentrate a few hours a day on an MBA class, work and...sheesh, too much whining.
Time to just vegitate...


I♥blogs said...

Well, one thing to keep in mind is that, as writers, we have several resources besides time to tap into.

One is money (to buy time).

One is ambition (which helps motivate us to cultivate our time better).

One is support systems (which can help us to acquire time).

One is space (without the space to create, time is a useless commodity).

For me, the most important resource is personal energy. As a narcoleptic, I pay constant attention to my energy rhythms throughout the day in order to maximize my time.

We all have different energies that flow in rhythms throughout the day. Sometimes it's not a great use of time to force creative work when you're at a low when it comes to creative energy; sometimes it's better to just apply yourself to other tasks.

I think it's perfectly okay not to always be creating when time "opens up," because without the companion of energy (and all the others), it can end up being an exercise in frustration. Human beings may be creative, but that doesn't make us automotons!

So hey, don't beat yourself up about it! Tomorrow is always another day and living while incubating ideas is just part of that process.

Stonemason said...

Thank you so much for those words of encouragement, A appreciate them. I do find myself forcing the creative process even when I know it is not the best way to do things.

And understanding that sometimes I create in other mediums helps as well!