Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Town Review

Spent the last two evenings thoroughly enjoying the Downingtown West High School performance of Our Town.
The cast was awesome and they did a wonderful job. If I was good I would be able to capture a picture from the video I took of the end (I got the whole thing!). Then I realized too that I don't have permission from the whole cast, only the lead whom I know very well.
So maybe I get it out there, maybe not, if I can find a you tube clip, I will link that later.
Our Town is a nice look at life, not just in small town USA, but for all of us. Stop, slow down, look at each other, live!
Now, go live, please, don't be one of those who do not understand.
(edit, Sunday, January 22)
Not much of a review up there, is it? I was tired, it had been a very long day.
The main character, Stage Manager, did a fine job setting scenes and tones. He projected well, and one could see the hard work paying off.
Emily was incredible;  her shining moment (for me) was the building of the smile in Act II, when George professes his love, perfectly done.
George was also very well played, the confusion of adolescence obvious...and the parents too, these kids did such a great job, it was easy to suspend the knowledge of who they really were and to see them as the characters they were playing.

I think this is a play for young adults to perform in. The parents are such caricatures of parents, at least to us today, that they can be played very well by those who are not parents, but may be, someday. The younger parts are perfect for those who have left the budding youth stage and have entered the awkward 'falling in love for real this time' stage, and that was so evident by the body language of Emily and George. This play is about living life, and kids tend to do so, and not do so, all at the same time! 


J.R. Wagner said...

I was very surprised by the last scene. It was very creatively done and seemed to stray from the straight and narrow and delve into the deeper meaning of life. The acting was superb -that main character was something else! I'm glad you found a camera -I had mine out and charged but never heard from ya'.

Stonemason said...

Crazy busy day...used the "flip", quality is poor but I managed to get the whole thing, including the final bows and thank you's!