Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Interesting Day

Spent the afternoon and evening at the Farm Show. And to be honest, I was concerned that I would be bored, like I was when I was a teenager, forgetting how much I enjoyed it as a young child. I was not only not bored, I had a great time! This is something every parent needs to do with their children and I am feeling bad that I did not take my kids.
Sure, we can send them to Springton Manor to meet the big pig, or to Milky Way farm to see the chickens and cows, but at the Farm Show, the kids can pet the cows, many cows. They can watch the cows being milked. But the best part, they can actually talk to teenagers who raised the cows and had FUN doing it.
And the same thing with the sheep, the goats, the rabbits, chickens, ducks and turkeys. There are horses too, from miniatures to Belgians...and a butter sculpture:

There is food...lots of food, including a great Tilapia sandwich. Oh, and ice cream, made with PA honey, that you can smother in more honey. And fried stuff, if you like that sort of thing (or if your brother isn't with you).
There are tractors and quilts, solar panels and fence manufacturers, seed companies and more tractors. There are three arenas where all kinds of stuff goes on all day. We went for the heavy-weight horse pulling. Teams of horses, weighing in at around 5000 pounds per team, pulled a sled with over 10,000 pounds on it. Very impressive animals!
And tractors...

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