Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nada (5.1)

Joe returned as Ransom was blowing on the tinder, trying to get the fire to catch; he dropped the two bags from the parking lot next to the two bags he had brought from the house. Into the Hello Kitty book bag he stuffed the cellophane wrapped drugs. Ransom watched with disturbing ideas floating through his head.
“Can you dump that stuff in the creek?” Ransom asked, “I gotta admit I don’t trust myself with that crap.”
“Sure, it doesn’t bother me,” Joe answered.
“Thanks,” Ransom said and went back to feeding sticks into the fire. It had caught well and was beginning to grow, soon it would be hot enough to burn the bags.
Joe had finished transferring the drugs to the ‘must have’ book bag of last year and began moving the money to the ‘must have’ book bag of two or three years ago.
“Shouldn’t we count that?” Ransom asked as he fed a log onto the fire.
“We’ll do that next week sometime,” Joe said, “we should just pack it up and hide it somewhere that isn’t…

(Crap, have to leave for a party, and it was too cold in the sun/writing room so I was distracted by the tv…I am so weak)

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