Friday, December 16, 2011

Joe and Ransom take a break

For tonight, they are on hiatus. Put pen to paper instead and that isn't ready for this blog. Another blog, yes, this one, no. And no, the other blog isn't ready for prime time so no linky.
But I have to post, it's that whole 21 day thing...getting pretty close, I think. Tomorrow is going to be tough, I can not figure out when I am going to have time to post anything, I might have to take the laptop to the side job and hope to steal someone's wifi. Would that be wrong? It is in the name of creativity, and I wouldn't be doing anything illegal with the bandwidth.
So that's it for tonight, just silliness. Rest in Peace Christopher Hitchens, I wasn't a fan of your militant atheism, but you had some points about how religions can mess society up, especially those that are having trouble getting out of the 7th century.

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J.R. Wagner said...

There is this neat button on Blogger that allows you to schedule your if you're particularly creative one day, write two and schedule one for a later date!