Thursday, December 29, 2011

Because I got nothing

Techo-Bloc: a good product, but, as with anything, drawbacks. I just finished a job using Mini-creta plus, 6 inch block. No stinkin' corners. Okay, that is not exactly true, but the corners they supply are almost useless. The above picture is the corner supplied. Notice that this is a double sided block, so any corner has to be 'split-face' as well. That block can be split with a splitter or a chisel, but only to about 2 inches from those grooves you see. This forces cuts elsewhere in the wall to make up distances. Another drawback to this type of corner is the fact that all the other joints in the wall are tight, but when you have to butt up against a split face block, gaps are left, hurting the final product. 
So I am going to head to the showcase and try to explain to the sales-people this problem. I know the solution is expensive for Techo, and that they are going to tell me to use another product for square corners, but Techo is not the only manufacturer with this problem. Perhaps pointing that out will open their eyes. They need to understand that some of us smaller contractors can't force our customers to change products, that might cause us to lose business.
Tomorrow I will post photos of the job in question.

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