Friday, December 30, 2011

As promised (still nothing)

 Those piers/pillars are the problem with the block, notice the stack bond, no other way to do it. That corner at the right side of the house, same problem. Also, the caps on the pillars, same problem. Aged caps are useless for this application, went with a 14 inch double sided product and, again, split our own ends.
 The pavers are Mista, a product I have used before. I like them, they are strong, standing up to my method of installation (tap devil), which I can't find anymore. I also use heavy rubber mallets, avoiding the dead blow that many contractors are using, I tend to break them, which makes a mess!
Had a helper on this job (several in fact), John straightened out some of my mistakes and did a great job setting that big step. Dalton and Logan carried all the pavers in from the street, the ground was too soft to  get them back with the spider! John and I wheelbarrowed 18 ton of modified, the boys and I hauled in 2 ton of sand, and I swept in 1/2 ton of river jack today, again, all from the street!

All in all it was good job, these pavers (with the river jack swept in) are mostly permeable, limiting run-off. If we do get water laying in that curvey spot, I will drill some weep holes, but I don't anticipate this occurring.

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