Friday, November 25, 2011

Am I really back?

So, taking advice from a friend, I am setting a minimum goal of one blog post per day. I would love to also write elsewhere, so I am hoping that forcing a blog post will put me in the mood to pick up one of the three note-books, or, open one of the two or three word documents currently under construction. Posting about posting does not count, much like when I was journaling and would write an entry about writing an entry…hmm, where is that journal anyway?

Inheritance. Paolini came very close to making a very big mistake, even bigger than the two he actually did make. I won't play spoiler on the almost, but the first mistake was not putting the pen down when it was time to put the pen down. It doesn't take 100 pages to wrap up a story, especially the way that one was wrapped up. Secondly, it's not like they were Leia and Luke…. Okay, he left it open for the future of the riders, to be told from a number of directions, and he now has enough characters to pretend he is David Eddings, but are those characters deep enough to build on? The only one I even got a sense for was Arya, even Eragon was still a tad shallow right to the end.

The video game feel from book three is gone, thankfully, showing a maturity in the author, but once he stopped 'leveling up' the characters he also stopped building them.

Oh, and evil is evil, it really is that simple Mr. Paolini, hopefully you will remember that when we next encounter Dragons and Riders.

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J.R. Wagner said...

Looking forward to reading it...eventually! One down, 20 days to go.