Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back out, global

For a post or two, if I can remember to write, I need to touch on what is going on in the world. Here is a link to Al Jazeera, normally I would be linking that site for either mocking or proof that many in the Middle East would like me dead (along with all non-believers). Today I link because Egypt is in flames, and it is not about to stop soon.

Following Tusnisia, and leading to Yemen, Jordan, and Algeria. Where next? Seriously, where next?

There are forces at work here that do not know what they are doing, and yes, I am pointing at you, 4Chan, Anonymous, and any other blogger or hacker that is egging this on from the safety of your mother's basement. Cut it out, you are getting people killed. You are re-tweeting death, you are about to bring to power the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and who the heck knows what in Jordan. Stop, counsel calm...but, we all know it is too late now, the looters are out in force in some of the major cities in Egypt, the anarchists are screaming for blood, (even if they don't know it in their immature little minds), and real evil is going to win.

You hackers are directly responsible for these deaths and you all need to stop dropping into blogs, posting on Facebook, gloating about the next great movement that you are 'planning'. These are people, real live human beings you are killing, not some virtual dudes and duddettes in second life where you hang out.
This is not Call of Duty, it is not Dungeons and Dragons, this is REAL. Back off, many of you do not live there, many of you are only doing this to make yourselves feel a part of does it feel to know you have killed?

No, I won't link those idiots mentioned above and I will not name the one name I know from that group, he enjoys this, he is a young, unseasoned, bad writer (and I know bad writing). He seems to think he has power, that this is a good thing, and in Tunisia, it sarted out as a good thing, until the anarchists took over and wouldn't let the protests end until the entire government was gone.

Too long, no one is going to read the whole thing.

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Anonymous said...

Roger, I think that was a wonderful commentary. People that say go ahead fight dont realise they are putting those people in harms way. I dont see them leaving the safety of thier home to go throw a grenaded, or get a grennade thrown at them.