Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why? For the exact result they got

So a couple of short sighted idiots over at West Chester University decided to stir the racial pot. Knowing full well that advertising for a "White Student Union" would bring out all the nuts, they printed up a bunch of flyers and hung them up. Sure enough, the usual suspects came to the fore to first denounce, and then, when it was learned that these were idiot 'leftists' rather than idiot 'rightists', to gently applaud the idea but not the manner. Really.

The comments at the Daily Local on the article are interesting as well, running more towards eliminating all race-based organizations than I had expected to see. Are we past the color coded groups? One would hope, but one also must wonder why a white organization is automatically racist but any other organization is not....

Maybe because I was denied even applying for an NAACP scholarship based on the color of my skin this bothers me. Not that the organization would have been banned, attacked, and derided before it even started, but that so many people assume that anyone thinking about starting such an organization must be a racist.

That word, too, is tossed about entirely too much as well. It is lessening the definition so that when a real racist shows up we have to wonder if the accusation fits.

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