Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pardon Me?

I think I need a "Joe said what?" post every week, just to try and figure out where our Vice President is coming from. Here is his latest:

Biden said President Obama "has inherited the most difficult first 100 days of any president, I would argue, including Franklin Roosevelt."

The he compounds it and says:

“Let me explain what I mean by that," he added. "It was clear the problem Roosevelt inherited. This is a more complicated economic [problem]. We’ve never ever been here before – here or in the world. Never ever been here before."

So, let me get this straight, Jan 2008, unemployment at 75, Jan. 1933, unemployment rate was over 20%, and it stayed there all year, actually going up!

This is not the Great Depression, as I have written too many times to count. Look outside you house right now, how many cars does your family own?

I am going nuts, I guess the idea is to pretend that the world is over, right now, this is the worst ever, ever, ever, so that as long as we are alive at the end of the yead, Mr. Obama can be labeled as the greatest President of all time.

Mr. Biden needs to learn a little historym, and for that matter, so do the people in the media, where are the reporters lambasting him for being so uninformed? He is the Vice President, for petes sake, he should know this stuff.

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