Sunday, March 8, 2009


So, many people are prdicting the end of the world, Al Gore blames it on AGW, the left eats it up. Mr. Obama blames it on Bush, the left eats it up. A Famed pastor predicts imminent catastrophe and I am sure the left, and the Media will label this guy a freak.
I think that they are all freaks, that is my observation. The end is not near, tough times are near. Life has been tough for Billions for a long time, we in America have NO FREAKING IDEA what it is like to live poor, not one iota. I don't have a clue. When I was 'poor' I had water, food, a car, a roof, school for the kids, and friends. I was poor by American standards, it was tough, and I am full of crap.
Tough is walking for water, tough is no roof, no education, and waiting for food.
Grow up everyone, just because you can't buy a new car this year, or can't go to the next Micheal Jackson concert (while I can still afford to go see the Dead), there is no reason to panic. I notice the Baseball season has not been canceled, nor have salaries dropped. I notice that Football teams are still paying players millions of dollars...sure, bad depression, real bad.
When we all have to scrounge for food, then I will admit that times are bad, until then, skipping a few Starbucks trips is not a sacrifice.

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