Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Democrats Suck

I'm sorry for the title, but it is true. One Sheriff in the Country is doing something about the illegal immigrants so the democrats call for him to be investigated for racial profiling and other stupid civil rights 'violations', uhhh, illegal immigrants have NO RIGHTS in this country, when will the democrats understand that? They are breaking the laws of the land, idiots, that is what illegal means.
Here is the link, go ahead and read it and feel sorry for the illegals, I dare you. Yanno what? Most of the illegal immigrants from Mexico look MEXICAN, heck, 75% of them either spot Mexican colors or a Mexican flag on their houses and cars, so of course it would make sense to check people who look Mexican for immigration status.
No job? Blame the dems who want to keep all the illegals here (and George Bush as well).

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