Monday, February 16, 2009

This is what the left thought Bush was going to do

It is not a conservative notion to become a dictator for life, that is the purvey of leftists. It is the way socialists rule, and it is the way communists rule. Why is it the leftists in this country try to claim conservatives are fascists when it is obvious to anyone who can think that it is the communists and socialists that have killed the most humans under the guise of national security. Now, Venezuela is doomed, Chavez will simply use the same thuggish tactics to remain President for life. He will become another Castro, another Stalin, another Saddam Hussein, killing his own people to remain in power, it is the way of the left.
Chavez has already been in power for 10 years and the referendum vote helps clear the way for him to fulfill his declared goal of ruling for decades,

This is the man who insulted our President and then was applauded by leftist citizens. Wait, just wait, when some two-bit dictator from some backwards country insults President Obama I will be the the first to stand up and...fight for him. I do not agree with him, I think he is a socialist and is bad for this country, I am allowed to say that, not some idiot from down south, or some Arab from across the sea. Like him or not, he is our President, and I respect the office. It is a shame that the same can not be said for the democrats in this country.

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