Saturday, February 21, 2009

Intellectual Honesty

So here we go, something that was lacking for the last eight years. When Mr. Bush did something wrong, that I thought was too far left, or simply bad for the country, I called him on it, but those on the left continued to disparage the man. That side of the political spectrum seems to be filled with children who cannot give credit where credit is due.
Okay, maybe I am being smug, but shoot, Mr. Obama is the President of my country, if he makes a decision I agree with, I will commend him on it, maybe if enough of his political enemies commend him when he makes a decision that is important for the safety of us all, he will at least swing a little right in terms of national security.
Today, the administration "...shocked human rights attorneys." Even the headline for the arrticle was designed to raise the ire of the left (Obama backs Bush: No rights for Bagram prisoners)...funny that, I guess they eat their own too if they do not tow the line, much like a thread at Kos or DU. comparing Mr. Obama to Mr. Bush must have heads exploding on the left-wing blogs!
For those lefties that read this, please, take no personal offense, it is just that I have been banned from both of those sites for quoting Al Gore, for quoting Barak Obama, for quoting facts. Seriously, I have been BANNED for not being a part of the echo chamber politically.
I will not block you here, dear leftist, post away, keep it clean though, that will get you removed, this is a family type blog.

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