Saturday, February 21, 2009


The left, which calls for equality all the time, who are the reason we have to write he/she, the reason we have to call actresses actors and waitresses servers (yeah, those three things really make sense when together in a sentence, don't they?), have now succeeded in lowering the equality bar once again.
George Mason picks drag queen as homecoming queen

How has the bar been lowered you ask? Well, now all men at George Mason can compete in normally women only activities. Men can enter the rest rooms set aside for women, and all men can not take advantage of the title IX provisions. If not, is not George Mason discriminating against straight men? By allowing a special exception for a gay MAN, did not George Mason violate the civil rights act of 1964?
Please, men are men, gay or not, they are still men. If not, well, then the argument that gay men are the same as straight men kinda flies out the window.

Intellectual Honesty people, try it out.

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