Monday, January 19, 2009

And so it...continues

During the election, if you were watching, you noticed that Obama supporters did all they could to silence opposition. The flooded talk shows with fake calls, they had 'truth squads', and the Obamatrons shouted down any opposition on the steets, Check out Zombietime for proof of that last one, some of the videos and pictures are downright scary.
So, we on the right we called fear mongers when we railed about those things, when we pointed out that the 'fairness doctrine' is just censorship, and when we tried to point out how much in the tank the media was for the candidate. Now though, here comes the truth. There is a school in THE UNITED STATES that is warning students to be careful of what they say about the new President or face disciplinary action. I know that school students don't have the same rights as those of us over 18, but, they should be allowed to complain about a president, they sure have been doing so for the last eight years.

Pure censorship, and I am very afraid that more is to come.

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