Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Personal responsibility

I guess personal responsibility is my new rant. It is tiresome to continue to read about the coming generation and how they “…lie, steal, cheat at 'alarming' rates…”. This of course follows the election of a man the media did not question at all, leaving his past out of our consciousness. When did this start? Could it have been the 60’? or how about the 50’s, right after the war, everyone doing well, and teens really rebelling. Maybe it was the 40’s, when FDR told the country that he would make work, he would save us in our old age, don’t save for your self, don’t better yourself, we’ll take care of you.
It could have been farther back, it could have been just parts of the whole, but what ever happened, it is disgusting.
We can’t punish our own kids, schools can’t punish the kids. There are no more failing grades and teachers are afraid to ‘give’ less then a B anyway. The teachers are leaning more left every year, ignoring basic facts to push a failed ideology.
“Teach your Children Well…” we were told, by a leftists no less, and yet, we seem to have forgotten that simple thought.
Perhaps we need more exposure to the Ten Commandments rather than fighting to remove them from sight.
Just a thought.

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