Monday, December 1, 2008

Not a good thing

I can’t say that I like this too much. Planting armed troops inside the United States was NEVER the desire of the founding fathers. Way back when Rumsfeld made a comment, or was it Powell, regarding being diligent about what your neighbor was doing, I began to be a tad afraid that the President Bush Administration was trying to militarize the entire country. I am not a BDS sufferer, I voted for the man, I was more afraid of Powell then anyone, really, as he wasn’t nearly as conservative as President Bush. Now, it seems that the rest of the Administration is not as conservative as I am, and even President Bush is a far cry from the man I thought I help elect.
There is no justification for using the military to do civilian work. If the civilian forces can not handle things, we need to beef up our response teams with civilian volunteers, not military people. We will have the horrible situation of military members standing guard over our own citizens…this is not a good thing.

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Thinking Man said...

Roger, you've been posting a lot of great stuff, and I commend you. Keep doing what you're doing -- or as Bob Dylan said, Keep on keeping on.

I'm dropping off the radar for a few days or weeks, and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas now.

Over and out.