Monday, November 12, 2012

Just a quick thought

So President Obama won a second term, I didn't think it was possible. I was wrong. Now conservatives are wringing their hands and trying to figure out how to win in four years. The most popular statement from those who claim to be conservative is to distance the GOP from the Tea Party. To take the GOP more to the center.
People. Chill.
The center is defined by the left, and you freaking know it.
50 years ago the center was against legalizing any type of drug, now...
50 years ago the center had pedophiles as criminals, not 'sick, and to be cared for'.
50 years ago the center considered welfare a bad thing.
50 years ago the center created the civil rights act.

Now? Hell, there is no right anymore. If you are not in favor of legalizing drugs, you are far right.
Abortion on demand, including partial birth? mainstream.
Providing jobs and college admissions based on race? maintstream
Free stuff from the government? mainstream

Do you get it now? The center is the new left, the far left extremists are the left wing of the Democrat party. It can't be argued anymore. Move-on, Dem underground, KOS, huffpo are considered mainstream. The communists and socialists hold rallies and they are called the 99%.

Conservatives don't need to move left, that is why 12 million people who held their noses and voted for McCain stayed the freak home this year, because the GOP is pandering to the left, to the new center, which is the old left.

Isn't it time to make the left move to the center? To take back the narrative?

It isn't immigration that conservatives are against, it is ILLEGAL immigration. Why is the media allowed to continue to report it with out the illegal part?

It isn't all abortions that the vast majority is against, just those that are used for birth control purposes (and many have softened on this point).

It isn't all social safety nets that conservatives are against, it is the 3 generations of people who know nothing but those social safety nets and are proud of it.

And conservatives are not against drugs, many of them drink and smoke. Conservatives are for the rule of law. Many will follow the law and smoke right along with you, but change the laws first.

Conservatives must stay conservative, those 12 million will come back.

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