Friday, August 10, 2012


I keep trying, and just do not have the drive to keep this blog alive. Is it a desire thing? A fear that people will read what I write and hate it? That makes no sense, very few people read my scribblings and the ones who do like it. I enjoy writing, really I do, and I have written well over a thousand words every day for the last few weeks, just none of it fiction.
But it was mostly important, important to me, to the community in which I live. Sure, I have a dose of self-importance, but i realize the world would turn without me. I realize that what happens next Tuesday does not define me, but it is helping to shape me, to create the person I am going to be in 2 years, 5 years, 20 years. Just like the stuff I did 20 years ago helped shape who I am now, but did not define who I am now. That person, while as real as I am now, is a fiction too, a blur, a creation of my mind then, a very muddled mind.
This person is still a creation of my mind, not quite as muddled, and more real, or so I would like to believe, maybe when I check back in 20 years I will laugh at the fictional me I created.
And that is that, life is moving me in directions un-chosen, but interesting for sure.


J.R. Wagner said...

Quit whining and write something for the love of god! You are not immortal. Your words are.

J.R. Wagner said...

or at least write me a guest post

Stonemason said...

in other words, it's all about...Josh.

J.R. Wagner said...

yes you've pretty much hit the nail on the head. Now that we've cleared that up we can move on and focus on...ME!!!!