Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gun Control

The United Nations wants to control the import and export of "conventional" arms. What is linked is not the many articles on the subject, written from political perspectives, with agendas, but the report of the Preparatory Committee. You see, this has been in the works since 2006 and has touched nerves here and there ever since.
But it is a UN endeavor, it will never come to fruition, it is simply fodder for both sides of the gun control issue. The disarmament at all cost folks will raise lots of money on this as will the NRA, and isn't that what it is really all about? Except maybe for some well meaning folk in the trenches of those organizations, it is about the money (and to a small extent, the power).
I am a firm supporter of the right of the people to keep and bear arms, check my right side bar, in Pennsylvania that right shall not be questioned.
And I am a firm believer in common sense. If you are mentally unstable, you shouldn't be able to buy a weapon, if you are a convicted violent criminal, you should not be allowed to buy a weapon. If you are a minor...and other common sense restrictions.
I don't believe in hand-gun registration, unless voluntary. I do believe in waiting periods, and in the instant background checks available through the internet.
That's me.
Back to the issue at hand: The UN will never come up with a treaty on this issue. Heck, it's been 6 years already and according to the linked document they were barely able to come up with an agenda for this years meeting to discuss the agenda for next year whereupon there might be a report outlining the desires of the 82 member states...
Get it? It is simply another reason for a bunch of do-gooders to get together in some plush hotel, hold endless meetings that accomplish nothing, and then slap each other on the back for the progress they made, ensuring the safety of civilians around the world all while UN troops take off the blue helmets (and uniforms) to rape those same civilians. Or in the case of Syria, allow Hezbollah to re-arm the border. Or allow Iran to continue enrichment...
Get it? This UN treaty, if one ever is written, would never be signed by our government, would hold no sway here in the Untied States, and would carry the full weight of the power of the UN, meaning absolutely nothing.

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