Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Words and how we don't use them

Yes, there are words that we don't use so that the items being discussed aren't real. I am guilty of this, more-so lately, and I was wondering why. Not using particular words don't change the outcome of anything, that's for sure. Take dental stuff for instance. Dentures have become symbols of old age, so now they are called partials, or bridges. Really folks, when we lose our teeth we need fake ones, called dentures.

Other words are even more difficult to come to grips with though. Death is the biggest. No one dies, they pass away, leave us, succumb to an illness. No, people die. And I am just as guilty. My aunt didn't die, we lost her, Belle didn't die, she went peacefully in our arms. See, makes things easier when we lie to ourselves.

So I will continue to do so.

Because I can.

Re-read the post, boy am I tired!  But there is another word, one I forgot, that many never use...Love. Too embarrassed, means too much, comes with strings. Tough word, love. Yet an emotion that is palpable, real, and unlimited. This is the one that needs to be used, even if we ignore/forget/refuse to use the other ones.

Tell 'em; today!

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