Monday, February 20, 2012

Just some random thoughts

I have been sucked into the political blogs of late, I know I should stay away, but I am an addict. For some reason the hypocrisy of it all amazes me. Take for instance the release of private documents from a right wing group versus the release of documents from what is supposed to be a non-partisan group. Heartland institute pushes for many right wing causes, about 25% of their money (privately donated) goes to fighting the global warming fraud. East Anglica University is supposed to be a college that does scientific stuff without bias and with public money. Emails from both are illegally obtained. One because the public entity is fighting a completely legal freedom of information request and deleting stuff as they do so, the other because someone wanted to smear HI. I can say that because those are the facts. One of the documents from the HI dump has been proven to be fake while NONE of the CRU documents have been. Hypocrisy enough right there, but it gets better.
Some may notice that one of the blogs that was linked on my side bar is no longer there. This is because Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs has become a hypocritical lefty.
In 2003 the blog was fun to read, then it went anti-Christian and pro global warming. For a short while dissent was allowed, but then the posters became more leftist than the owner and the whole place went to the crapper. In 2009 Charles clearly stated many times that linking to the stolen CRU documents would be cause for banning and explained why many times. This past weekend he not only allowed the linking of the stolen Heartland documents, he top-posted them!
I don't really care about the ideology of it all, I think that both sets are now out there, might as well read them...but...with the understanding that the CRU emails have all been authenticated, the HI documents have not, and one, the one that the left is crowing over, is clearly faked!
I guess I am calling again for intellectual honesty, although I know I will never see it on that site. But I do see it from many of my lefty friends, so that is good!

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