Sunday, February 12, 2012

Demo is fun!

Sometimes I find a job, or get hired for one, where I get to demolish things. When I do, I keep an eye out for fun things. Today, in West Chester, we tore down a block garage. I was eyeing up a pair of nice strap hinges, but the owner wants to re-use the darn gates! The old brick pavers are great, I might end up with about 6o square feet of usable brick! Then, in one of the block, I found this:

And when I researched I discovered that this is a 1956 beer can from Philly!  It is rusty and in pretty bad shape, but considering it was in a block wall for 56 years it looks pretty good. Now, is it worth anything? I did not find the Parti Quiz can on Ebay, but, some of the other cans are going for over $50!  I am sure mine is worth about a quarter...
Then, when digging, I spied this:
According to this research, this bottle was made between 1890 and 1910 because the seam does not run all the way to the top! It might be a little older, but not much...I know from experience that this bottle is only worth what the person in front of me is willing to pay for it. Usually nothing!

But is is pretty and I like it, which is all that counts sometimes, it is going on my desk!

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