Friday, February 10, 2012

The Church, Healthcare, and the Constitution

I have to get into this, it is one of those things that boils my blood. This whole contraception + Catholics + ObamaCare + Insurance companies + Progressives is simply wrong. All of it. Wrong.
Let's start with healthcare, real healthcare, not insurance and who pays and who doesn't, let's start with where the first doctors came from...the church. The hospitals? Church. Orphanages? Church. Insane Asylums? Church. Poor Houses? Church.
See a pattern here folks? All of the charitable aspects of human lives have started in the church. Well, to be honest, they start with the human but are more manifest in the church than anywhere else.
And by "Church" I mean faith organizations, I am not singling out any one.
Okay...back to healthcare. What is it? Is it the ability to go to a doctor? To go to a doctor for free? To get every drug known and unknown? Or as it is in America, is it insurance?
Look, I see healthcare as going to a doctor and getting well when we are sick. Many see healthcare as someone else paying for me to go to the doctor whenever I want for whatever reason. And for some reason they see this as a fundamental human right...really, some people see having a trained specialist look at your hang-nail as a human right. Or a cancer doctor to look at your smoke infested lungs, for free, as a right.

No, this is not a right, not even close. Another post for another time though, this is about President Obama trying to force a religion to change, to ignore certain tenets. You can circle around it all you want, but this is what is being forced on Religious employers, either change or be fined.

If I ran a religious organization I would simply fold up my tent. There are many ways to help our fellow man, and if the federal government continues to intrude, that help will shrink...AND THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT.

Do you all not see this? The 'progressives' want government to run everything, every aspect of our lives, and they are willing to trample on basic human rights to do so.

Churches have been helping people forever and will continue to do so, cheaper and better than any government agency.  And progressives hate that.

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