Monday, January 30, 2012

Link Dump

I am going to get another chapter done tonight, I promise you, all three of you. But to try to keep up with the one post per day, I need to just hit some news aggregators and hit y'all up with some links. I will add some commentary of course.
"Amid attacks on his prior support of limited school vouchers, state Sen. Andy Dinniman told the Chester County Democratic Committee at its endorsement convention that he no longer supports any vouchers." Darn it Andy, I wanted to work on your, not so much. Why do you hate poor people?
Joe Paterno's family says they'll be selling copies of the coach's memorial service and donating the proceeds to charity. Charity or not, that is a class-less move. We all know that the 'proceeds' will be 'less administration costs'. Disgusting.
This one is funny...his campaign has been touting the 22 million job lie, and he almost fell for it himself!
Ummm, it was a movie based on a book is interesting to learn that King hated The Shining. I loved it, actually thought it was one of the better adaptations...but I didn't write it, I only read it.
Because sometimes the truth is important:
If one ignores the misuse of a word in the first answer, the rest of the interview is very good!
There, if you click on a few of those links you will have killed ten minutes or so of your life...the only real worthwhile click is to

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